Kenny's Cooler Texas Roadhouse Recipe

Kenny’s Cooler Texas Roadhouse Recipe

Are you seeking a cold and relaxing beverage to quench your thirst this summer? Take a look at Kenny’s Cooler Texas Roadhouse Recipe! This refreshing beverage mixes a mixture of fruity flavors with a hint of tanginess, making it the ideal thirst quencher on hot summer days. Kenny’s Cooler is a crowd-pleaser whether you’re having a backyard BBQ or simply sitting by the pool. Let’s get started on the dish and give your taste buds a taste of heaven!

Kenny’s Cooler Texas Roadhouse Recipe

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 5 minutesCook time: 10 minutesTotal time: 15 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:300 kcal Best Season:Summer



  1. Blend the fresh watermelon chunks in a blender until smooth.
  2. Remove any seeds or pulp from the watermelon purée.
  3. Combine the watermelon puree, pineapple juice, lime juice, and simple syrup in a pitcher.
  4. Stir thoroughly to combine all of the flavors.
  5. To chill the drink, add a generous amount of ice cubes to the pitcher.
  6. Stir once more to integrate the chill.
  7. Garnish the rims of serving glasses with lime slices.
  8. Fill each glass with the prepared Kenny’s Cooler.
  9. Garnish with a sprig of mint leaves if desired.
  10. Enjoy while chilled!
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Kenny’s Cooler Texas Roadhouse Recipe is the ultimate summer beverage, with its brilliant colors, tropical flavors, and refreshing feel. Whether you’re throwing a backyard party or simply relaxing by the pool, this delicious cocktail will transport you to a tropical paradise. So, grab your blender and make a batch of Kenny’s Cooler to beat the heat and enjoy the summer flavors. Cheers to fantastic times and cool drinks!

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